3 Steps to Creating “HNW Foundational Blog Posts” That Generates Evergreen High Net Worth Traffic

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

If you want to attract High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) to your website… you need content.

This can be a bit overwhelming to think about, and even more challenging to put into action. How much content is needed? How do I keep making new content?

Let’s simplify, just produce 10 pieces of content. That’s it. That’s all you need.

Now, don’t let this give you a sense of ease. This does not mean you can scrap together 10 blog posts from a bunch of websites, and be done in 1 hour.

These 10 pieces of content will provide a strong foundation to your content strategy going forward. That’s why they’re called Foundational Blog Posts.

After you have finished reading this article, you will clearly understand how to start developing your own HNW Foundational Content. The result will be an increased authority amoungst whatever HNW community you’re seeking to penetrate.

This will be conveyed in our 3-step system. You will be able to replicate this system to create your own Foundational Content that will ensure qualified, HNW web traffic and leads are driven to your website.

Now in order to answer the first question above – How much content is needed? We said 10 pieces of content. But let’s elaborate on why.

Many people fall into a trap that in order to succeed in the content marketing game, one must produce content on a daily basis. They read Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal and think that in order to succeed in content marketing, your content needs to be out on a daily basis. 10 times a day.

This is not the case for 99% of businesses catering for a High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth demographic.

Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and the likes are publishing companies. They are driven by an advertisement revenue model. The more content they produce, the more clicks, hence the more ads they can serve, thereby increasing their revenue.

This is not to say, that you shouldn’t produce a lot of content. But typically a HNWI or a UHNWI, when making a purchasing decision, will look to long-form pieces of content with in-depth insight & analysis. Consequently producing Foundational Content does not need ,and most likely cannot be made, on a daily basis.

Whether you’re selling Vintage Classic Cars, or looking for Private Banking clients then this process of creating Foundational Content will certainly work for you and your business.

What is Foundational Content?

Foundational Content is exactly how it sounds. It serves as a foundation to your product or service offering. When building a house or a sky-scrapper, the foundation is laid first before the rest of the building is built. Without a strong foundation, there will be structural weaknesses. Likewise with your content strategy; if there is no HNW Foundational Content, it can be difficult to consistently drive qualified HNW leads to your site or social media profiles.

Foundational Posts need to be well crafted, and highly informative in order to attract the ever-more astute High Net Worth consumer. Where necessary use other mediums of content besides the written word, such as image, audio, and video to support your points or offering.

This length, depth of analysis, and insight is what will separate your content from your competitors also vying for the affluent market segments. Essentially longevity is what will separate your Foundational Content from your competitor’s blog posts; and by following this 3-step method, you will achieve it.

When most HNW service providers (financial advisors, lawyers, insurance brokers etc) post a blog post, it may result in a surge of traffic to their respective website. However, this surge is only likely to last a few days at most. After that it’s unlikely to bring in much HNW traffic after that.

Foundational Posts differ in that they provide long-lasting ROI. HNW Foundational Posts are likely to bring HNW traffic for day, weeks, and even years to come. They are digital assets for your company that pay dividends in the form of High Net Worth leads.

The final thing that must be included in your Foundational Content is the pre-sell for your product, services, opportunity, or philanthropic cause. Writing a blog post is one thing, but if you want to reach maximum effectiveness, your HNW Foundational Content affords you the opportunity to pre-sell your offering to the potential HNW buyer; thereby educating them on why your product or service is highly valuable and worth purchasing.

This all can be simplified into a 3-step process.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

A HNW Foundational Post is designed to pre-sell your product or service to High Net Worth Individuals. Your post needs to resonate with the affluent crowd. Consequently, you need to understand the mindset of HNW & UHNW individuals; you need to understand what their problems are, what aspirations they have, and what they desire the most; all in the context of what you’re trying to sell them. Once you understand this, you’ll have a better idea about what kind of content will resonate with them the most.

Wealth alone does not define a market segment. Affluent households share commonalities but many distinctions exist as well, you must understand these.

The following 3 questions will help you figure what they commonalities & distinctions are. Once you answer these, you will know what content to produce.

1) What does your High Net Worth prospect need to believe in order to buy the product or service you’re selling?

For example, if you’re running a high end real estate brokerage. Maybe your prospect needs to believe that buying prime residential real estate is ideal at this stage in the business cycle.

Or maybe they need to believe that owning real estate is an important part of an investment portfolio.

Because if your prospect doesn’t believe that owning real estate is a good idea based off a bias perception of current economic conditions, or maybe they want to spend the money on a super-yacht instead of a piece of property, they will not be using your services as a real estate agent.

So, it’s your job to educate them and answer their most common objections with a post like:

“Why now is the best time to invest in Luxury Real Estate, even if you already own some” Here’s another example of an article that does a good job of this. It’s called, “5 Investment Rules That You Should Never Forget”:

Clearly, this company has identified some key pieces of advice they provide to their clients, particularly to High Net Worth Investors. They then turned this into a blog post that will help HNWI that stumble across their site when figuring out where to put their money.

2) What do your High Net Worth prospects research before they buy your product or service?

For example, if you are selling super prime Real Estate in cities like London, New York, or Hong Kong to (U)HNW Investors – they likely want to know current market dynamics and investor flows affecting the industry.

The piece above educates HNW traffic on the preferences of Chinese real estate investors, and how this is playing out in the London property market.

So, our high end real estate brokerage that we mentioned earlier needs to figure out the kind of things Ultra High Net Worth investors research before they buy real estate in London, and thus, enquire about your service.

Are they searching for trends in the market?

Are they looking for the best brokers?

Are they looking for financing?

Do they want clarity on whether it’s a good investment? In your HNW Foundational Content you want to address as many of these point as possible with relevant hyperlinks, data, visuals, and other formats.

3) What conversations are going on in the mind of your customer before they buy your product or service?

With this final point, you need to delve deeply into the mind of the (U)HNWI. When an investor is thinking about buying a $20 million penthouse in Manhattan, what kind of things are they thinking about?

Maybe they’re wondering if they really need a $20 million penthouse. Maybe they’re wondering if the property might depreciate or be difficult to sell down the line, or 20 other similar questions

Here’s a great example from Knight Frank. Clearly, they’ve identified some of the doubts that tend to run through the minds of (U)HNWIs right before purchasing a super-prime property:

Here’s another from Barclays Wealth. ‘Giving’ or Philanthropy is a topic on the mind of many (U)HNWIs. Moreover, many of the affluent, having been successful in previous business ventures, no doubt have a desire to give away some of their wealth ‘successfully’ as well.

Become the Answer to These Questions You must consider the three questions posed above as they will allow you to delve deep into the minds of your High Net Worth prospects when they are considering your product or service.

Once you know & understand what questions HNWIs are asking, you will be in a better position to answer them, and in the process pre-sell your offering. This is a core principle to keep in mind when creating your HNW Foundational Blog Post.

If you are struggling to think of the kind of questions HNWIs ask before they purchase your product or service, there are 2 paths you can take.

Path 1 is primary research. Ask your current clients what is on their mind when they buy from you. Alternatively, network with them, attend high-society events, passions events, or exclusive networking events. Alternatively, you can learn where they congregate online. Or you can interview some of your company’s previous clients. Find out any particular issues that were on their mind before, at, or after they made their purchasing decision with your company.

Although HNWIs span a broad range of interests, industries, and personalities. They all tend to self-identify as successful & cash rich time poor. Anytime a person decides to self-identify as something, they have a tendency to buy a lot of stuff.

A lot of stuff that pertains to a reinforcement of their self-image as a busy, successful HNWI.

The trick here is that when you are coming up with HNW Foundational Content, you need to figure out what is going to speak to that HNWI. You need content that reenforces this self-image.

As this is certainly not an exact science, instead of coming up with 1 blog post, we suggest you come up with 10.

As discussed earlier 10 provides a solid foundation AND increase the probability that at least one of the posts will resonate extremely powerfully with a HNW prospect.

Step 2: Pick a Type of Post

Once you have chosen the content of your HNW Foundational Blog Post, you now must consider the best way to present it to potential HNW prospects.

There are many ways to effectively present your content, however, 2 templates come to mind when forming HNW Foundational Posts. These two templates are the ‘How To’ Post and the ‘List’ Post.

1) The “How To” Post

High Net Worth Individuals are often looking to educate themselves about a topic outside of their domain of expertise. A financial advisor, for example, may want to educate a potential prospect on how to invest in the Tech sector, or how to build an investment portfolio using ETFs.

Essentially the ‘How To’ Post demonstrates how to execute a process. The use of images, videos, and images will certainly go a long way in getting your message across. Ensure that each step is well outlined and clearly defined so that the potential prospect comes away educated and more aware of the subject matter you’re conveying. This way you will position your company as an authority in your niche – whether that be financial advice to entrepreneurs or tax advice to resident non-domiciled clients.

As a company that offers training programs, AlphaSkies would want their prospects to view them as an authority in the High Net Worth digital marketing niche. So, creating how-to posts is a natural fit for them, which is why AlphaSkies writes a lot of them.

2) The List

The list can be anything your typical High Net Worth prospect will find useful. Whether this is a list of latest developments in financial markets, a list of super-prime real estate that has just entered the market, or a list of tools/resources that they could potentially find useful.

See an example below about Crypto investments:

Step 3: Find Your Angle

So now that you have chosen what to write about, and how you’re going to present it to a High Net Worth crowd, you need to figure out how to position it. This is a crucial point, because if you do not position the HNW Foundational Post in a way that speaks to HNWIs, however good the contents, the post will hardly be read.

Typically, with affluent clients, there needs to be an angle to the post, not just a bland portrayal of information. It needs to grab the readers attentions and keep them engaged right through to the end of the article.

The reason is simple, most HNWIs when researching a topic, have already consumed a lot of content elsewhere on the web. In fact, if you are selling private client services, the blog you are thinking of writing has likely been written before. Consequently, you can’t write about the topic in a ‘boring’ way.

There needs to be a degree of differentiation. And this is done by choosing an angle to the post, a step that is often skipped when private client businesses try to produce content.

Their mistake is your opportunity, because there are a lot of well written, in-depth posts out there covering a wide range of issues relevant to HNWIs, however, they never got read because of a lack of angle to the post.

Here are 5 ways to angle your HNW Foundational Blog content:

1. Benefit

With this angle, you will be writing something that will be of benefit to your HNW prospect. Everything you write in this article should be structured around how this benefits the HNW buyer – from the title, to the body, to the conclusion/summary. You need to be clear and bold in outlining what this benefit will be.

Here is an example:

2. New

With this angle, you need to present a new development, trend, or piece of research. This typically exerts a feeling of excitement from your prospect. HNWIs pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of trends in the marketplace.

Moreover, if you are a Private Banker or Solicitor, chances are one of the reasons they may hire you is for your knowledge of trends in the market-place, consequently it puts you in a position of authority in your prospects mind.

For Example:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword thrown around a lot in the media, a typically well versed HNWI has most likely heard the term used hundreds of times, and so probably won’t read a blog that looks like it covers the same thing they’ve read before.

But you just might grab their attention when you mention “New Research” in your headline, promising them something NEW that they’ve never read before.

3. Threat

This angle speaks to the audience’s desire to avoid pain. Here is an example:

High Net Worth Investors with highly levered portfolios may come across this article, and be drawn in by the fact that they may need to recession proof their portfolio.

Here you need to focus on the actions that HNWIs are NOT taking that could result in pain. 4. Association

With this angle you want to associate your content with a popular brand or personality. You are essentially leveraging something else that lends credibility to the post.

Here is an example:

Richard Branson didn’t write this article. But the author can take advantage of his popularity by writing a post that talks about some of the principles that Richard Branson has talked about or written about in some of his books.

5) Curiosity

This angle aims to pique interest within the target buyer, encouraging them to click and open the article. This make people curious and thus entices them to read your article.

Here’s a great example of a ‘Curiosity’ post from Business Insider aimed at attracting affluent investors looks for yield.

Note the advertised videos highlighted with the red box in the bottom right corner. “Medical breakthroughs we will see in the next 50 years.” This article is utilising both a ‘Curiosity’ angle and a ‘New’ angle.

The other headline reads “Jim Rodgers: The Worst crash in our lifetime is coming,” this headline utilises both the ‘Threat’ angle and the ‘Association’ angle.

Pro-tip: Jim Rodgers is an American investor who co-founded a hedge fund with George Soros. His name is more likely to be recognised amongst HNWIs, this increases the likelihood that qualified HNW web traffic will be driven to this site.

Combining angles together is a powerful way to engage your audience, and ensure that they click through to read the article.

Extending the Lifespan of your Foundational Content

Lastly, we will cover a few important steps to increasing the longevity of your HNW Foundational Content. i. Update the content regularly

You want you content to remain relevant for a long time, so that it can be re-read and referred to by your prospects. Updating your content with changes in the market place, or new additions is crucial.

Moreover, Google’s search algorithm will react kindly. It likes new up-to-date content, and will therefore rank your post higher in the search results ensuring more traffic for years to come. ii. Create content that is significantly better than all your other competitors.

You need to create content that is significant better than all your competitors. One of the key perks of creating HNW Foundational Content, is that you become an authority in your community. And if you content is not at least 10x better than your competitors, then you will not become an authority.

Luckily this is simple, given that most blog posts written by Private Client businesses are often lacking in depth and longevity. With a bit more time and focus, you will be able to surpass them. iii. Buy some website traffic

Finally, just writing this content, and letting it sit on your website hoping it will get found by HNWIs is not a strategy.

Use highly targeted Facebook or Linkedin ads to drive traffic to your HNW Foundational Content, to truly receive the benefits of this content marketing strategy.

And there you have it! 3 Simple Steps to creating “HNW Foundational Blog Posts” that Generates High Net Worth Traffic for Years to Come.

Once you have created 10 HNW Foundational Blog posts, that will serve as a solid foundation for you to attract significantly more HNW traffic to your website.

You will be able to see what is working, what is getting the most engagement, and adjust according.

And once you have created 10 core HNW Foundational Blog posts that are consistently bringing you HNW Traffic.

Create another 10.

And then another 10.

And soon your business will become a crucial resource for High Net Worth Individuals looking to purchase a product or service in your field, as you become THE authority.